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Going to the Dogs! - Saturday 17th May

GreyhoundsThis years club celebration will be a brilliant night on Saturday 17th May out at Nottingham Greyhound Stadium. 

Those of you who have been before will already know what a thrilling experience Greyhound racing is.  Those who haven't are in for an absolute treat.  Nottingham Greyhound Stadium at Colwick is a fantastic facility with indoor and outdoor viewing, bars and a restaurant area.  If the weather permits you can get really close to the action by watching outdoors whilst also browsing round the kennels to meet the dogs and their trainers or just observing the bookies gesticulating manically.  But your enjoyment cannot be spoilt by the weather as their is a lovely indoor area with a friendly bar and a huge glass fronted viewing gallery.  Dress is casual by the way.

The turnstiles open at 6.00 pm. and there are 14 races on the night, with the last being around 10.30 p.m.  Even if you don't have a flutter, it's amazing how quickly you become enthralled by the racing.  However, with a minimum bet being as little as just 50 pence and only 5 dogs in each race, even if you can't resist the lure of the bookies, you're not likely to break the bank!  A night out at the dogs really does offer something for everyone.

So, how much is this evening of fun and excitement......a mere 10!  That's right, just 10 gets you:

Amazing value for money, and with 3 FREE bets already included you may even come home with more than you started!! 

All that's left now is for you to contact either Adrian or Gordon to confirm that you will be coming and how many tickets you want (partners are very welcome).

Don't miss out on a great night!